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About Us

We are LuLaMusic, online music Download portal, we are not just a blog but a website that offers music promotions for stars and upcoming artists as well.
LuLaMusic.com was formed in 2016 and has steadily grown into one of the most visited sites within the South AFrican communities online. LuLaMusic.com is on a mission to spread Mzansi music to all corners of the world.
Typically, the media platform used to promote and deliver South African music, videos and music content is the local/satellite Television and radio stations, but LuLaMusic.com brings a unique and FRESH solution to South AFricans in and outside of the country.
LuLaMusic.com offers a platform where South African Music lovers around the world can access, listen, stream and give their opinions on Mzansi music content anywhere and anytime.  Our music content is accessible at any time to our audience in all time zones. Furthermore, artists find our platform a useful source of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain insight into what their fans respond to.
LuLaMusic.com also creates a platform for Hyping Upcoming artist world wide on our “HYPE OF THE MONTH” category
In addition to sharing music, videos and other content, LuLaMusic.com also distributes Goodies to her viewer every Festive period as a medium to increase viewers worldwide

In her 2nd Months Online, LuLaMusic.com amassed over 500k page views, this is not something not to brag about!

LuLaMusic.com mobile and desktop view makes it easier for users to access the Blog at a low cost. Not forgetting our APP that works with Andriod phones and BB10 phones, LuLaMusic.com developed this easy to use APP. to reduce browsing charges for her users worldwide, You can get this APP from our Blog by searching with the keyword “LuLaMusic APP” on Google or direct search on our blog.
Promote your Songs with us today.
We spread your songs across to over 2 blogs in and outside the country, via LuLamusic.com & LuLaMusic.Net.

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